Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment? Inside every tooth is a nerve and due to injury or decomposition, the tooth pulp can become damaged which can result in an infection.

If not treated, the infection can spread via the root canal, leading to tooth removal.

How to prevent the spread of infection?

Treatments can be very complex and require specialized skills and is a long procedure. In difficult cases, it is best to see a specialist endodontist right away.

The procedure (endodontics) is designed to save the tooth and prevent the spread of infection by removing the decayed tissue from the root canals and by sealing the tooth.

Treatment can be relatively painless

Although a root canal can sometimes be painful, in the hands of a properly trained dentist, treatment can be relatively painless. Once the treatment is complete, simply treat it as you would a normal tooth.

Brush the tooth, floss and visit the dentist regularly for further inspection.

What happens with a Root Canal Treatment?

Using precision instruments, all infected tissue inside the tooth needs to be removed.

Afterwards, the tooth is cleaned, shaped and filed. This is a time-consuming process and it can take up to 3 office visits to complete.

Does it hurt?

A local anesthetic is used, and in most cases, it is totally painless. There’s nothing to fear.

What happens if a Root Canal goes untreated?

It is important to always try to save the tooth, if it goes untreated you made lose your tooth completely.

If the tooth is treated then you will have the option of straightening it with a crown.

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